Marble Vs Porcelain Tile – Which Is A Better Choice?

Marble flooring and porcelain flooring are both quite common and popular across the world. Some people are more fond of marble flooring while some are more endorsing of porcelain flooring. If you have to make a choice between the two then you should know the differences between marble flooring and porcelain flooring. You cannot just make an uninformed decision as that would be counterproductive and an unwise move.

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First, both marble and porcelain are available in the form of tiles. Marble is a natural stone while porcelain is a processed or manufactured tile. Marble cannot be manufactured although it can be processed to get different results or to develop certain styles and designs. Porcelain tile is made of white clay and many other naturally occurring materials which are processed together to make the tile. There are several variants in marble tiles as well as in porcelain tiles.

Marble and porcelain flooring are both desirable as far as their porcelain tiles manufacturer appeal or elegance are taken into consideration. However, there are various differences in physical attributes as well as in their characteristics and utilities.

Marble flooring can be used at any place. Marble tile can also be used on the walls, but it is more used as a flooring tile and for washbasins or cooking counters and service platforms. This type of flooring can be used in outdoor areas as well but the area shouldn’t be prone to freezing during winters. Also, it is not ideal for areas that are exposed to heavy traffic. Thus, marble flooring cannot be used in driveways or any area where there would be a lot of foot traffic. It is more porous because of the nature of the stone. It would retain moisture and absorb moisture or water quickly. Marble flooring needs to be sealed and installed by an expert and it required resealing from time to time. It has to be dusted and mopped extensively to keep them clean.

Porcelain flooring on the other hand can be used anywhere and it is nonporous. Porcelain tile can withstand a lot more thrust and pressure than marble which makes it ideal for heavy traffic conditions. Porcelain tile can be used on walls, floors and anywhere that is desirable for you. It is very easy to maintain. Easy mopping or sponging should keep it clean.