Hustle Home for Monday Night Football by Using the 5-Step “ZONES” Office Organizing Process!

Finally – A Five Step-Proven Office Organizing Process for entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to get your head in the game by following the simple 5-step “ZONES” process to clear the clutter so you accomplish more touchdowns at work and hustle home before Monday Night Football!

Disorganized was my middle name so one day I woke up and decided if I was ทางเข้าเว็บตรง ufabet มือถือ going to have a successful organizing business I would have to stop the madness and get my head back in the organizing game. No one should have to go through this agony in order to be a successful entrepreneur. So I sat down long enough to put pencil to playbook and designed the Productivity Players Playbook – Get Your Head in the Game by following the 5 step “ZONES” process to an organization and productivity touchdown.

ZONE #1 -Zero (Z) in on the Piles – Place all like items, same topics in one pile. All sales leads go in one pile, all networking event information go in another, all P/L statements in one pile, get it? Then spread them out along a flat surface like your credenza, floor, or work table keeping all like items together in one pile. Small piles is good, prevents tipping over.

ZONE #2 – One (O) Pile at a Time -Deep breath – FOCUS on just ONE pile at a time. Try not to become overwhelmed or look at the other piles, they will get attention in due time. If a p